Importance of CRM in Business

CRMs are an essential & powerful tool to accelerate business growth while reducing friction, create collaboration across cross-functional teams, manage your contact data, sync data, automate daily tasks, and store data in a unified platform. The CRM system unifies all data concerning past, and present customers, and gives enterprises a competitive edge.

There are CRM solutions that can suit standard or custom business requirements. The most popular are Salesforce (cloud-based CRM software), Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM, HubSpot (enterprise software CRM for Sales & Marketing), Pipedrive, Zoho.

According to stats, the customer relationship management (CRM) market is expected to grow to $43.5 billion globally by 2024 & could reach $129 billion by 2028.

Here are the top 5 reasons enterprises need CRM software solutions to expand their business.

Streamline the sales & marketing process:

The major reason to adopt CRMsoftware is that it simplifies your sales process. You can discover all opportunities from obtaining a lead, converting it into a customer, and offering the necessary options. After getting this CRM system, sales & marketing teams who deal with several things can focus on tasks rather than organizing information. CRM platforms allow you to architect your business to align with customers, partners, and stakeholders. Cross-functional team alignment is essential to the growth of your business. The CRM aligns all the work your sales, marketing, and service teams do with a variety of in-built tools and integrations — this makes it easier to identify opportunities, schedule daily tasks and build a dynamic sales pipeline.

Centralized info helps to synchronize and communicate data with ease:

CRM software leverages a centralized database with all customer info, that can be accessed by anyone in your company. It eliminates time-consuming tasks like data syncing and sharing. No matter who communicates with a contact (e.g., a sales rep, and service rep, or a marketer), contact records and data are immediately synced and updated in the system. By including all records and touchpoints of customer interactions we are better able to map the sales cycle and customer journey. This makes your CRM a single source-of-truth when it comes to your sales, marketing and support data — and as a result, your team can build personalized customer experiences with ease.

Automate daily tasks & boost productivity by over 50%:

CRMs automate day-to-day tasks, speeding up your time-consuming but necessary work. Automated actions will increase productivity by 50% if not more. CRM automation includes the following workflows;

  • Follow-up communication alerts and notifications
  • Email sequences
  • Sales Workflows
  • Chatbot conversations
  • Lead-to-rep assignment
  • Lead nurturing campaigns

Simplify customer interactions:

Today, there are many solutions to interact with prospects and customers online such as – live chat, email, video call, and social media.

CRM solutions have progressed to meet the challenges experienced by customer-facing teams and reps. They integrate with a wide variety of other services and channels through which your prospects and customers engage with your business.

  • Calls & call logs tracking to prioritize, place, and record calls from within the CRM and then log those calls with the associated contact record.
  • Live chats and chatbots to handle enquiries and FAQs.
  • Email campaign management showing open email rates, automating email marketing campaigns, and sending well-timed sales follow-up messages.
  • Social media tools to monitor brand mentions, comments, and questions on social media and then responding directly from within the CRM platform.

Develop custom dashboards and report on the metrics relevant to your business:

CRMs make reporting on and analysing your methods and pipeline simple. The reporting features within a CRM can be customized to analyse the metrics that matter the most. This lets you to recognize areas of opportunity and growth and align marketing and sales outreach for each customer interaction.

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