Unleash the power of Azure for your enterprise

Unleash the power of Azure for your enterprise

Azure is a public cloud computing platform with solutions comprising

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Azure can be used for services such as analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, and much more. It can be utilized to substitute the on-premises servers.

The cloud’s objective is to provide access to computing and storage abilities to any company irrespective of it’s size, and based only on the utilization of resources

 The right cloud for your business and its advantages

Each business has different requirements. Thus, quite a few types of cloud environments were developed. 

Public cloud: Handled and controlled by third party companies, for ex: Microsoft Azure.  In these instances, all resources are managed by the cloud provider.

Private cloud: Computing assets are maintained only by one company. This cloud can be physically located at a data centre or at the company’s offices.

Hybrid cloud: It is a mix between the public and the private cloud and where everything can be shared from one cloud to the other and vice versa.

Whatever the type of cloud that best matches your business requirements, a rock-solid implementation and configuration will be beneficial in managing your daily operations.

Microsoft Azure Cloud – How beneficial for Business?

Compliance with regulations

Highly regulated businesses can use Azure’s advanced networking capabilities to develop a hybrid cloud environment in order to comply with industry standards.

Cost-effective Subscription Models 

Microsoft Azure’s utilization-dependent pricing models make it easier for SMEs and big enterprises to make the best of their IT budgets by selecting the appropriate cloud features they want.

This utilization-based structure is especially helpful for slashing the costs of infra, decreasing the workloads on in-house IT management, and streamlining cross-departmental group efforts. Every time there’s a glitch, the business will have access to Microsoft’s broad knowledge base and 24-hour support team

Developing and operating on-premises data storage hardware can consume a massive portion of the business’ IT budget as well as create a constant overhead cost. By migrating your data, apps, and computing processing to the cloud, you can eliminate the operating cost of data center housing on-premise equipment.

High Availability 

One of the major benefits for business is that Microsoft Azure is highly available across all its data centers. Microsoft runs in over 50 regions globally and is accessible in 140 countries/regions. This makes up Azure an ideal option if you’re operating your business worldwide. 

Azure has a blended downtime of 4.5 hours annually. This downtime is negligible making Microsoft the foremost cloud service vendor. 

Flawless Scalability 

Business needs are flexible, and they change over time goes on – either for downsizing or growth. This makes scalability a key concern for every cloud computing platform investment.

Access to Enterprise-Level Development Tools

Microsoft Azure empowers businesses to build, run, and oversee their own custom web software using a variety of related tools and programming languages. A few of these languages include Oracle, Linux, Ruby, Java, Kubernetes, .NET, Python, MySQL, PHP, etc. 

Azure’s simple-to-access development platform proposes dedicated testing environments to support businesses make the most of their internal web apps and end-user experiences. 

World-class Cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity is perhaps the highly essential aspect to consider prior to selecting any cloud service provider. Data stored on Azure is protected by a cutting-edge encryption process. Every Microsoft datacentre is equipped with proxy card access readers, biometric scanners, and two-factor authentication

Azure’s world-class cybersecurity tools ensure the integrity, availability, and privacy of sensitive customer data.

Appropriate for Businesses of All Sizes 

Microsoft Azure is suitable for businesses of all sizes. From the regional business, just around the corner to Fortune 500 companies and multinationals across the world.

Take advantage of Microsoft Azure for your Business

Do you need assistance in implementing a service? Talk to one of our Azure implementation experts at Datanetiix Solutions Inc. today and we’ll help you strategize and employ the proper tools to meet up your requirements.

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