Essential Microsoft Cloud Services

Essential Microsoft Cloud Services

In a few years, cloud computing has turned into a technology affecting everybody’s lives on a regular basis. We store up our personal files on the cloud and use cloud-based apps to collaborate. IT Teams have also taken a big step in going from being uncertain of cloud security to paying billions of dollars for cloud services. The cloud enables small, medium, and large sized companies the capability to easily rent out the apps and servers they need, as an alternative to purchasing them.

Microsoft is one of the oldest and leading cloud service platforms that enterprises depend on. The assortment of cloud services recommended by the giant includes SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Cloud computing with MS Cloud services lets you lease the tech or software you need for a monthly fee.

Datanetiix leverages the Microsoft cloud to support & enhance customer experience, boost agility, develop operational efficiency, and accelerate the digital transformation journey.

Microsoft Azure 

Azure is Microsoft’s gigantic enterprise cloud, offered as a PaaS and IaaS service. It is used by developers who write apps with the assistance of the company’s coding tools. Azure provides the capability to save money, work faster and integrate data in a powerful, scalable, and flexible way. This feature-loaded service extends a hybrid cloud solution, (unlike many other cloud providers that force customers to select between the public cloud and their own data centers). Hybrid cloud solutions are well-known to extend additional proficiency and saving in storage, backup, and recovery of data.

Deployment of Azure services take up less than 5 minutes, 57% of Fortune 500 companies are already using Azure, and those numbers are likely to rise as the ability offered by Azure grows further.

Azure supports to turn our ideas into products or solutions with more than 200 preconfigured & predefined services, be it on-premises, and cloud.

With extensive expertise on Azure, Datanetiix experts will help you derive value in the cloud – Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud.

The following Microsoft technologies are also offered by Datanetiix

Dynamics 365

It is a collection of next-gen smart business applications that supports you achieve your customer relationships, simplify processes, manage your business, and give better results through analytical insights.

Datanetiix D365 experts will support you to transform your business by means of cloud-based CRM and ERP applications, relating people, products, customers, processes, and operations

Microsoft 365

It is a cloud-based efficiency solution that fetches together your favorite office applications, cloud services, device management, and security to boosts your collaboration. Microsoft 365 helps you change the way you handle your business, streamline IT management, and business processes.

Team Datanetiix leverages Microsoft 365 to assist generate a digital workplace for your employees will love.

MS Windows Intune 

Windows Intune is Microsoft’s cloud mobile management service that lets companies to control devices across the cloud or when connected to a MS System Center. It provides support for Windows, iOS and Android platforms, and makes it simpler to handle mobile devices and PCs from one place. Users can configure their devices in a way that fits the company’s compliance needs and enhances proficiency without the need for extra infrastructure. The app lets users to work from anywhere while extending the security that is identical with Microsoft’s products. It is a benefit for enterprises that choose to stay away from third-party tools and keep everything unified in businesses that are Windows client-heavy.

Microsoft SQL Server with MS System Center 

Microsoft SQL Server has been widespread ever since its released, permitting organizations to run SQL servers on the cloud. This offers the advantages of a private cloud environment for companies that are doubtful about data security and other concerns. Users can handle their SQL databases on a private cloud; take benefit of a higher level of management of apps, and virtualization gains that are recommended by the System Center. Licensing is effortless with the Standard Edition, as a result smaller businesses can gain from the backup features without a full-time database admin.

Enterprise Mobility Suite  

The newly launched Enterprise Mobility Suite permits users to influence current Microsoft technologies like Windows Intune, MS Azure Active Directory Premium and MS Azure Rights Management to assist& handle different devices from a unified platform. With the MS EMI, you can handle all your devices from one unified environment with Intune’s abilities, protect your data with MS Azure Rights Management and achieve identity with Azure Active Directory. Though the product is comparatively new in the cloud services market, it is rapidly becoming popular with enterprises and smaller organizations in search of hybrid cloud management services with consistent security.

Microsoft Visual Studio 

MS Visual Studio in the cloud is intended at developers who want to professionally manage their code, work and builds on the cloud. Users can additionally install the Multi-Device Hybrid apps extension to build apps for Windows, iOS and Android devices with regular web technologies and Apache Cordova. MS Visual Studio users will be able to debug, edit, deploy projects, and achieve project architecture with ALM upgrades more efficiently with the cloud version. With growing competition from other big cloud service players, Microsoft is bound to up with its own cloud services.

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