Microsoft Dynamics 365

A world-class Business Management software is the first step to move your business forward. Dynamics 365 is a substantial business product for intelligent ERP and CRM applications with enhanced features and improved security. Datanetiix is your trusted partner to implement, develop, integrate and support Dynamics 365 effectively. Our Dynamics 365 practice delivers powerful business solutions, which will streamline operations, simplify business processes, and empower growth.

Microsoft has eliminated the difficulties in choosing the right Microsoft ERP and CRM by introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365. Based on your business size and characteristics you can choose the option that best supports your business.

Microsoft has eliminated the difficulties in choosing the right Microsoft ERP and CRM by introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365. Based on your business model and requirement you can choose the right option between Business and Enterprise edition.

Dynamics 365 OFFERINGS

Business Central

Microsoft recommends Dynamics 365, Business Central for small and medium size businesses on cloud. It is also your least expensive, streamlined and simplified version option that integrates with lot of out-of-box connectors on PowerApps, PowerBI and Microsoft Flow that can accomplish flow of data with minimal/no development effort.

Business Central is available in two flavours

Essential – Basic features required to run a business. Following are the functionalities offered along with Office 365 integration,
  • Finance and Accounting – Create and manage a new legal entity, VAT setups, journals, budget, manage assets.
  • CRM – Create and manage contacts, opportunities, campaigns. Integrate with Dynamcs365 for Sales with ease
  • SCM – Create and process Items, Purchase orders, Sales orders and stock
  • Human Resource – Provides functionalities that aids in complete hiring and training
  • Project Management – Create project, estimates and resource. Estimate and forecast both cost and revenue
  • Premium – Includes Service order and Manufacturing along with Essential features. Following are offered:
    Service Order Management
  • Create and manage Service orders – Create and follow-up post sales relationship with customers
  • Maintain Prices, Items, Contracts and Workforce – Maintain Item stock, technicians and their cost. Create and manage Work orders with both Items and Personnel. Plan and follow-up service contracts with customers
  • Manufacturing
  • Manage Production and timelines – Create and process production orders, maintain bill of materials, versions and routes that influence production. Plan timelines make changes to orders; this provides complete control over production order.
  • Manage Stock – Provides tools for planning and foreseeing demands on materials and machine.

Finance and Operation

The most powerful version of Dynamics 365 is the Enterprise Edition. Microsoft recommends Dynamics 365, Enterprise Edition, for companies with more than 250 employees. The modules are comprehensive, extendable and additional functionalities are added.

  • Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
  • Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Dynamics 365 for Marketing
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
  • Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation
  • Dynamics 365 for Field Service
  • Dynamics 365 for Retail
  • Dynamics 365 for Talent

All the modules are integrated so you can add more modules as and when needed.

Which is Best for you?

  • Business Central Essentials costs from $70/User/Month , $100/User/Month for Premium plan
  • Finance and Operations suited for Medium and Large businesses will cost $190/User/Month on the Unified Operations Plan and may cost $210/User/Month for full plan
  • Comparison Chart of Dynamics 365 Business and Enterprise Edition

    Functionalities Dynamics 365 Business Dynamics 365 Enterprise
    Ideal for SMEs with 10-250 Users. Large Enterprise >250 Users.
    Finance and Operations Based on NAV, mostly all features of NAV Starter Pack. Similar to the AX Finance and Operation Module.
    Sales and Marketing Basic features of Dynamics CRM. Entire features of Dynamics CRM.
    Customer Service Basic features of Dynamics CRM. Entire features of Dynamics CRM, additionally it supports integration with third-party add-ons.
    Project Service Automation Not Available. Available and can be integrated with Sales and Operations.
    Field Service Not Available. Available.
    Retail Not Available. POS, Merchandising, Channel management, Intelligence and much more.
    Talent Not Available. Talent Acquisition and management, integrated with LinkedIn.

    Datanetiix Dynamics 365 Offerings

    Datanetiix as a Microsoft partner can assist your implement of Dynamics 365 for your organization. We will do a thorough study of your business needs to recommend and implement the right edition. Already a Dynamics user? Datanetiix can help you upgrade to Dynamics 365 seamlessly.


    Consulting and

    Datanetiix invests a significant amount of time understanding the dynamic characteristics of its clients. We assess your current business structure, understanding its pain points, and recommending process automation where effective, to deliver a comprehensive set of IT solutions, which will allow your company to perform at a higher level.

    Consulting and

    • Architecture and Roadmap for new Implementation or Upgrade
    • Assessment & Recommendation
    • Gap-Fit Analysis
    • Check Application, Integration & Automation
    • Integrate Third-party Add-ons

    Solution Design
    and Delivery

    Once we are in the same page with the client, we start executing the following tasks.

    Solution Design
    and Delivery

    • Implementation/Upgrade
    • Development (Customizations & Enhancements)
    • Integrations
    • Quality Assurance
    • UAT Assistance

    24/7/365 Production

    With our Onsite/ Onshore/ Offshore model, Datanetiix supports its global clients. We give top priority to the production issues as they most directly affect business operations. We have top-notch problem solvers who are ready to take production challenges and solve it according to the SLA.

    24/7/365 Production

    • Troubleshooting
      • Failure recovery & Bug-fixes
    • Functional Support
    • Performance Tuning
    • Pro-active Maintenance
      • Environment Monitoring
      • Applying Service Packs, Hotfixes and Patches

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