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Datanetiix’s Blockchain experts have completed several Blockchain projects using Hyperledger and Ethereum. We assist our clients in discovering each new iteration of Blockchain-architecture, design and development, which translates into tailor-made value solutions. Our Blockchain expertise addresses multiple challenges that improve efficiency, agility and security for Supply Chain, Financial Services, Healthcare and Automotive Industry verticals.

Why Blockchain?


There is no chance of discrepancy.


If blockchain is hacked, information gets corrupted.


As a digital value technology, investment costs are reduced.

Secure Platform

Blockchain is a secure platform which nullifies the discrepancies of traditional networks.

Creating a better sharing economy

Creates a secure and transparent market which benefits suppliers and buyers.

Prevents payment scams

Digital signature prevents online payment scam.

Transactions in minutes

All financial transactions are processed swiftly.

Our Services

Datanetniix can help you realize true value of Blockchain inevitably. We can transform traditional solutions to highly secured solutions in a digital platform. Our Blockchain consultants can understand your requirement and come up with a proof of concept to help you visualize the solution.

We have categorized our service offerings into three.

Consulting & Advisory

01. New Requirement

  • Requirement gathering/Analysis
  • Gap-fit Analysis
  • Framework & Infrastructure Assistance
  • Proof of concept
  • Blockchain Implementation
  • 02. Existing Blockchain application

  • Validating existing Blockchain application
  • Gap-fit Analysis
  • New enhancement consultation
  • Performance tuning
  • Solution Design & Delivery

    01. Solution Design & Delivery

  • Creating a Business Network Structure
  • Design, Build using Hyperledger or Ethereum
  • Integration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance and Production Support

    01. 24/7 Maintenance and Production Support

  • Set up and manage hosted Sandbox environments
  • Monitor Network, Software & integration components failure
  • Troubleshooting & Bug fixing
  • Application Tuning
  • Our Skill Sets

    Datanetiix has an efficient team of Blockchain developers who are well versed in the technologies below.

    • Hyperledger

    • Ethereum

    • Java

    • Golang

    • C++

    • C#

    • Python

    • Solidity

    • HTML5

    • CSS3

    • NodeJS

    • AngularJS

    • ReactJS

    • JavaScript

    • jQuery

    • Git

    • Mercurial

    • SVN

    • Jira

    • Target Process

    • ConnectWise

    • Zoho

    Industry Vertical Competencies


    Financial Services


    Supply Chain Management

    Internet of Things


    Digital Identity Management

    Let's Talk

    Please Clickhere to schedule an appointment with our Blockchain experts to implement your desired solution in most safe and secured platform.